How To Find Expired Domains For Your PBN With Ahrefs.

If you have been building  PBN’s of late, you must have heard it been said over and over again that google is very interested in topical sites linking to each other. Take for example a domain or website that has to do with cars. Most of the pages linking to it or domains pointing to […]


Nigerian Online Payment Systems…How we for do?

Nigerian Credit cards

This is one of those posts where I speak my mind about Nigeria and her many problems. My focus is payment systems. I have been doing business on the web for about 5 years and have always hoped and prayed that we would have batter payments systems or at least online merchants would be nicer […]


Payoneer Troubles . . .

I don’t know if you have heard of Payoneer Inc. Payoneer helps companies handle the issues of having to pay out hundreds of affiliates. They offer a debit card that you can issue to your affiliates and pay their affiliate fees through it. The cards are attached to their accounts with you. The cards can […]

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